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Player name: Cubey
AIM contact: you know this
Alternate contacts:
Character name: Ren Ubuntu
Source canon: Best Face of Humanity
Community tag: ren_ubuntu
Do I want a HMD: Got one already

Notes: Ren has no biological sex, their body has Barbie doll anatomy and no breasts. This is also true for the rest of Ren's kin.
Other beings who are like Ren are only known as kin. Unlike Ren, they don't have horns, and their psychic powers are different.

Background: Ren was born over twenty years ago - in an advanced cloning pod in a secret automated facility, already with an adult body and basic life knowledge implanted into their brain during the growing process. Since then, Ren has wandered the Earth, trying to live a quiet and unassuming life, helping humans whenever they went. Things did not always go as planned, but somehow the daily existence continued more or less peacefully.
Things took a turn for the worse several years ago, when Ren became a target. The group that targetted them were Ren's kin, other beings like them, but ones who already lost their faith in people and with it, their immortality. They want to regain it by eating Ren's body - for it to work, Ren has to lose their own immortality first. Which means the group's efforts were on making Ren lose that faith. Ever since then Ren was on the run - okay with being a target, not okay with endangering everyone around them.
Not every one of Ren's kin is after their body, but every single one apparently lost faith in humanity already. From the faithful ones, only Ren remains. Ominously, within knowledge implanted in Ren's mind there is mention of there being a lone faithful individual of this kind. An individual who will have to give their life up in a moment of sacrifice to save humanity...

Original canon background: See closed post
Personality: Ren is a kind and caring individual, you could say it's a trait that defines them the most. They are hopeful for humanity and love everyone - in a non-romantic way. This love is unconditional and applies to all, even most horrible people. It's not blind, Ren realizes that everyone is flawed and some individuals have done horrifying things, and will not act like they did nothing wrong or even trust them to redeem themselves easily. But Ren will love them anyway, believing goodness is an essential part of every single person - even if they never acted on it.
All life is sacred for Ren - not just humans, other races and animals, even plants. It does not mean they will not hurt them though. They are a vegetarian for moral reasons, but are willing to wound and even kill other beings if there is no other choice. It is never a decision to be made lightly - or easily.
Ren does not have any particular beliefs but thinks a higher power does exist, whatever it may be. They are open for theological discussions. They also believe in predestined fate and that, even if individuals choose their own actions, events will play out as they are supposed to. Ren also truly believes in existence of souls - for humans. As an artificially created "thing", Ren does not have one and will simply stop existing after eventual death. This applies to Ren's kin too, and they actually share this belief as well.
In personal contacts, Ren is polite, soft-spoken, curious to get to know others while careful not to offend, almost to a fault. Also, almost always smiling. They do however have a mischevious streak and like to play with peoples' expectations, in a good natured way. On the other hand, this unchanging demeanor may give people impression Ren does not take things seriously or is a stepford smiler of sorts. The latter is not entirely inaccurate.
Ren lacks a physical sex, and decides not to identify with any gender either. But they realize other people do perceive them through their own personal lens. Depending on the situation and how socially appropriate it is, Ren will either play along or act mischevious.
By the way, "Ren Ubuntu" is a name Ren decided on for themselves. Due to the way they are born, there is no one but themselves to give kin any names.
Capabilities and Resources: Ren can't die. They can be hurt, bleed, and lose consciousness from pain, but not lose body parts or be reduced to chunky salsa, only sustain equivalent of near-lethal injuries. They also heal much faster than normal humans. Should Ren ever lose faith in people, this effect will be lost forever.
There are also two activated effects often used in battle:
-Blessing of Goodwill: Ren can bless other people and themselves. This works on more than one person at once and can affect anyone whose presence Ren is aware of. The blessing's only effect is that the person in question's attacks and other means of resistance ignore barriers that this canon's enemies use. Because of that it should be a "free" action mechanically.
Weapons used by blessed people shine with golden holy-like light. If they're in a mecha, the robot's head will glow. This effect is on for Ren all the time.
-Sacrifice of Self: Ren can take injuries that other people would receive on themself. Once again this works on anyone whose presence they're aware of. This has to be done in the moment of taking a wound, it can't heal already existing injuries, even freshly made ones. So it's a defensive support of sorts. If the injury was lethal then most likely Ren will lose consciousness or be close to it. This works on any sentient creature (even robots if they're sentient), but not on mecha.
All of the above are psychic/psionic effects in nature. Psychically sensitive people may be able to pick up that something is going on when they activate.
In terms of less supernatural stuff, Ren has a wide but shallow skill pool, knows at least a little about everything that is considered "common knowledge", and can communicate in all major Earth languages.

Position in Unity Group: Nothing official. Expect Ren to do minor low-level works here and there as time allows.

Type: Technically a combatant

Unit Name: Nothing. Ren will use units from the hangar as they are available. They are competent as a mecha pilot, but not much more than that.

Upgrades: None

Wingmen: None

Mission requirement: Yes, the first event
Suggested Event List: See closed post

Sample post: here


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